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Holiday Hours

With the holiday season fast approaching we wanted to make you aware of some upcoming dates that Petnership Veterinary Care will be unavailable for house calls or closed.  


Below are the dates Petnership Veterinary care will be either entirely closed or available for urgent calls or limited telemedicine.  Please take a look at any chronic medication your pet may have and need refills and request appropriately.




Dr. Sara and Mary will be attending an advanced dentistry and training in January out of state.

January 13th - 18th 2023 extremely limited telemedicine - we will be monitoring the phone as available - however please do not wait for us to return your calls/messages if it is an urgent issue as we do not know our full schedule.  

January 19th - 20th 2023 closed - no services.

Emergencies please visit Animal Medical Center 615-867-7575 or Blue Pearl (615) 383-2600

Additionally, our friends at Family Pet Health (615) 907-8387 may be able to help in our absence during normal business hours. 

January 23rd, 2023 resume normal business hours

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